frequently asked questions

We understand that with an innovative product, some might have questions about its methods, materials, safety or other factors. We do our best to answer them, but if you have a question you don't find below, just e-mail us and we promise to explain what interests you!


When the cord is pulled, the cartridge releases compressed air that inflates the lifebelt.

Yes. After usage, you can fold the lifebelt back into its socket, and the only thing you need to replace is the used cartridge, which you will be able to buy from us.

Yes, it is quite easy to operate. Manuals for changing cartridges will be attached to every pair of Arken shorts.

We currently use 16-gram CO2 cartridges filled with compressed air.

The unused cartridge remains functional for up to three years.

The cord is in the waistband of the shorts, so you can easily reach it in case of emergency.

It’s highly unlikely for the cord to tangle, but even if it does, just pull it at the beginning and your Arken will inflate as it should.

Yes, when you pull the cord, it releases the compressed air that inflates the lifebelt which would keep you above the water. The lift guarantees it floats up under your arms.

In this situation, pull the cord, and carefully hold on to the lifebelt until it pulls you above water. Once it has, you can easily manage turning around.

The lifebelt can inflate by accident only if the cord gets caught in something. Since it usually is hidden, this is unlikely to happen.


Based on tests, Arken lifebelts keep you above the water surface for at least 72 hours, likely even longer.

The Arken lifebelt has up to 120 kg or 265 lb carrying/lift capacity.

It takes the Arken lifebelt only about a second to inflate in case of emergency.

All Arken shorts come with built-in whistles, so you can draw attention by blowing the whistle.

Arken lifebelts will have a light-reflecting surface that makes it easier for the rescue team to find you, even at night.

Yes, you can. The Arken lifebelt is quite comfortable, even when inflated, and doesn’t restrict movement.

If you stay conscious, an Arken lifebelt makes it much easier to stay afloat, even if you have to support yourself every once in a while by waving your arms or legs.


Yes, the inactivated lifebelt is folded into the waistband of the shorts, you barely even notice it’s there.

The only thing you might notice is the waistband being slightly thicker, because of the folded lifebelt and the cartridge, a small price to pay for your safety, in our opinion.

While the lifebelt is inactivated, the cartridge only contains compressed air. It only pushes you above the water when the lifebelt is activated and the air is released. Arken shorts do not keep you from swimming underwater at all.

No, the cartridge is hidden in the waistband of the shorts. The design makes sure that it’s not visible.

Yes, it’s well hidden.

Yes, the manuals attached to the shorts will show you how.


Yes, you can.

Yes, you should. The cartridge is not compatible with a washing machine. You can easily place the cartridge back into the lifebelt after washing.

Before washing, you should remove the lifebelt from the shorts. This way you can wash them separately.

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