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15. 04. 2019.

Always expect the unexpected!

To help raise awareness, we have created an infographic of certain tips to keep in mind when it comes to entering large bodies of water.

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20. 01. 2019.

Unusual Watersports

Want to try something new, instead of just choosing an activity from the selection popular aquatic sports such as swimming or surfing?

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08. 12. 2018.

Water-related Guinness World’s Records

Here are some water-related Guinness World’s Records for you to enjoy and learn more about human abilities.

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13. 10. 2018.

Brief History of Life Jackets

Did you know that back in 870 B.C. Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal's army used inflatable animal skins to cross a moat?

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30. 09. 2018.

Arken has finally arrived!

We are happy to announce that our brand new website is up and running!

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