ARKEN - safety first!

Arken is never-before-seen swimming short with a built-in water safety device for both casual swimmers and aquatic enthusiasts. The device is hidden in the waistband and turns into a lifebelt in emergency situations. Just pull the cord!

WHOM do we recommend arken to?

Whether you’re a casual swimmer or an adrenaline junkie, nothing guarantees you won’t ever get into a potentially dangerous situation.

We make Arken for everyone who prefers safety in the water above all else.




You face unexpected trouble.

The countless ways of enjoying the water all have possibly dangerous outcomes, regardless of whether you swim, sail, surf, windsurf, kite-surf, waterski, ride a jet ski, or simply relax on an air mattress.


Pull the cord!

Arkens are simple. If you need help staying above water, just grab the cord, pull it and the hidden lifebelt inflates in seconds. It’s that easy!


You’re safe now!

Arken shorts and Bermudas keep up to 120 kg or 265 pounds afloat for over 72 hours. Once you are effortlessly floating, you can either swim ashore or blow the built-in whistle to call for help.

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Arkens come in many different sizes and designs, in short and Bermuda styles, designed for both men and women.

Take a look at our soon-to-be-available models! We estimate our first batch of Arkens to be delivered by the end of 2019.

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The thought of creating a product that provides more security to those afraid in water came up about three years ago.

It turned out easier said than done. From this point, it took us over six months to create something that could be called a prototype. Obviously, that prototype had nothing to do with the Arkens you see on our website today. It wound up big, clumsy, uncomfortable to wear, and barely functionable.

We spent the next two years correcting design errors and attempting to increase functionality. To date, we have created 78 prototypes over the course of finally resolving teething problems.

Meet the team!

Gábor Király


Ernő Wirth


Zsuzsanna Szentkeressy-Nagy


frequently asked questions

When the cord is pulled, the cartridge releases compressed air that inflates the lifebelt.

Yes, it is quite easy to operate. Manuals for changing cartridges will be attached to every pair of Arken shorts.

It takes the Arken lifebelt only about a second to inflate in case of emergency.

Yes, the inactivated lifebelt is folded into the waistband of the shorts, you barely even notice it’s there.

While the lifebelt is inactivated, the cartridge only contains compressed air. It only pushes you above the water when the lifebelt is activated and the air is released. Arken shorts do not keep you from swimming underwater at all.

Our goal is to be able to provide safety for everyone, regardless of age. We plan on producing Arkens for children, but they have different needs and one can expect only easier tasks to be completed. We are working on the perfect solution that will help your children be just as safe in the water as you are by wearing Arken shorts.

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Our first batch of Arkens are now estimated to be delivered in late 2019.